Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Life Happens...

As they say in coaching, "Life happens between calls". I suppose life happens between blogs, too!

I set out to do a bimonthly blog, very eager to reach people looking for coaches and to offer my readers inspiration and get them motivated to make positive changes in their lives. Perhaps I was a tad too bold in setting that type of commitment.

As I make my list of blog topics to muse on, I sometimes get the feeling that everyone has heard the same things before. I am a voracious reader, and read all kinds of self-help/self-improvement/empowerment books and take the parts that I like to craft my own coaching style. I read things from the clinically mundane to the way-out-there, new age-y stuff. If someone was willing to publish it, then someone found something of value worth sharing with the world.

So my question for my readers is, what would you like to hear about? What kinds of topics would benefit you the best? What are you interested in? What topics are you NOT interested in? Any feedback would be appreciated. I also have a mailing list in the works so that I can deliver my content to my readers directly, for people who prefer that style.