Friday, September 18, 2009

Champagne and Celebration

I'd like to welcome everyone to my inaugural blog post! I wish I had a bottle of champagne on hand, but cracking the bottle against the monitor isn't exactly a good idea.

I am fulfilling my dream of being a professional coach and I have created this blog with the hopes of sharing what I have learned through my experiences, networking (of course), and being a positive influence on my readers.

In future posts, I plan to share information regarding life exploration, life improvement, and articles I have run across that might help people enrich their lives or motivate them to achieve more.

I chose the title "If Not Now, When?" because from all the inspirational quotes I have run across, this one rung the most true to me. It is from the Talmud, and in four words, expresses the very core of my passion for helping others and seeing others live happy and fulfilling lives. Truly, if you don't chase your dreams now, then when?

A coach's path is also one of discovery and exploration, and I am looking forward to seeing the impact my blog has on others and on myself as I navigate through this exciting journey. I hope you find the information valuable and helpful in crafting the life you seek.

The journey begins!